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Spark plug Wire loom routing

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Can someone tell me how to successfully route the spark plug wires of my 2.6 to hide them under the cover which goes on the valve cover?Pics would help greatly...
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Lay them down flat, in order, from 6-2 so they do not run over each other in the plastic channel. #1 does not matter and should be on top.

If this is not clear, I'll take a picture tonight assuming someone else does not beat me to it.
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Tazzman , I do not like to take off fragile plastic parts but mine is new so low chance of breaking this one. If you order them properly they lay down nice and flat. Here it goes:

- Cheers!


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I am missing a piece. Is there a part of the cover that goes under the spark plug wires, in the valve cover track?:eek
Yes there is. There is a top and a bottom plastic. The bottom sort of clips to the calve cover so it does not rattle around and the top clips on to the bottom (and the valve cover).

I bought my set from AutoHausAZ and I believe I paid $30-$40 for the set to replace mine that was taped together with electrical tape. But don't quote me on that.

And as Trevor mentioned there are probably many ways to do the wiring but the key is to have them in the right order in the channel to make it clean.
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