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...wish I could make it; maybe next summer!<br> <br> VERY RESPECTFULLY,<br> <br> CHATMAN, R. II, SK1, SW, USN<br> Asst. Air Transportation Officer<br> 'America is another name for opportunity.' <br> --<br> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br> U.S.S. John C. Stennis [CVN-74] <HTTP://WWW.CVN74.NAVY.MIL><br> Ship’s Ph: (619) 545 5693 Ext-6286<br> MY VOICEMAIL & FAX : +1.888.835.6359 or <br> +1.858.860.6409, EXT 1241. IT WILL BE FORWARDED VIA EMAIL. <br> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<p>


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Wish I can make it too but it's the Laguna Niguel Holiday Parade that day
Appreciate what you're doing.

I see you are a sailor on the USS Stennis. I would just like to express the appreciation that I feel for the job you guys are doing, not only for America but for the entire world. You're making us all feel a lot safer.<br> <br> Guy from Canada
saw your specs.

robert, saw your specs and you mentioned that you would have to roll your fenders if you went with either brabus or lorinser. why would you have to do that if the rear size of a lorinser lm5 is 19x9.5 with 265/30/19 tires. that is the same size as your wheels and tires. is the offset different with your hre's? i believe the offset for the lm5 19x9.5 in the rear is +38.<br> <br>
Fair Winds and Following Seas..Shipmate<br> <br> <br> SHCS (SW) (Retired)
Very nice! By how much is your car lowered? What springs were used? TIA.
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