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Hey Everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know as soon as possible; the core details for SEMF have been posted on the website. So here is your "Where and When". Mark it on your calendar and get planning!


It took quite some time to find a place to host the event as I am doing my best to make everyone happy, which has proven difficult. I am happy with my decision and I hope you will be too! Spread the word!

The next task at hand will be setting up registration for the event. I will make an announcement in less than a week with the details.

I did want to reach out to the various Unimog (& somehow Euro 4x4 related) vendors out there, I would love to see a vendor presence out there. Come on out and show us what ya got!

Thanks everyone!

- Jack

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Great work my friend. We are planning to attend. Maybe I can help some. email me and we can discuss!

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