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'86 W123 200, OM617 non-turbo, bastard 5-speed; '95 W202 C250 Diesel, OM605 non-turbo, 5-spd man
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Hi there

I am a little lost here. Where do I find the gearbox number on a series w124? There are so many different gearboxes and ratios, that I need to know which to look for to replace my own. To what extent are the gearboxes interchangable? (e.g. 200 fits to 230E, 200E, 260E, 300E, E200, E220, E280, E320). I am only interested in manual gearboxes.

Thank you.


It's probably bad etiquette to ask a question on your first post, but if I didn't have a question, I wouldn't have joined.
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