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Sound Proofing

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Howdy y'all

Does anyone on the 126 forums have any experience with soundproofing your SEC with either dynamat or fatmat? Dynamat is much more pricey, and I hear that the difference is almost non-existant.
I am considering on purchasing the 100sq ft roll of fatmat commonly found on ebay, along with a sony CDX-M7815X CD/MP3 Receiver.

Just want your takes on the fat-mat vs. dynamt, and what you guys think the first areas I should soundproof are.

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don't currently have a 126 but from experience there is no difference in the two "sound deadners".

From experience I can tell you that you should always do the larger panels first, like the inside of the doors, the roof, the floor & the firewall in that order.

Good luck.
Fatmat is more user friendly. Dynamat was never made for the average consumer to self install. We use Dynamat at our shops because of their installer training and support. Some people swear by one or the another. I can't discern a difference, and fatmat is less expensive.
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