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6 years ago, I purchased a safe, reliable and slow 1995 E300D for my son whom was 17 years old. Purchased it from the original elderly owners whom were impeccable with its maintenance and recored keeping. It had 105k miles then. Today it has 140k miles with all the maintenance and records kept. I put a lot of time keeping this car running well.

Earlier this week the car was involved in an accident to the front passenger corner. No injuries. Due to the low value of these cars, it would likely be totaled by an insurance company. I do not plan to claim it.

So, to my question. The car still runs, seems to have a radiator leak (was not driven after accident) and is certainly repairable. I do not know what to do with it. Sell it to a junkyard? List it here or on craigslist? Car runs very well and everything works except for the radio antenna. AC is arctic cold. I know this is considered a low mileage motor/drivetrain.

Any thoughts on value?
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Thanks for any suggestions.
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