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Something thing WRONG with the C230K '02 Engine???

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hi all - I notice that for the '03 model the engine is a 1.8 producing 182 hp and 192 pt-fp.<br>
where as the '02 is a 2.3 giving 192 HP and 200 ft-lb.<br>
This is the ALL NEW Coupe and MB has to put in a new engine in the 2nd proudction year??? How do i interprete this move from MB? Beside wondering if the 2.3 is a time bomb ???<br>
i am a first time MB buyer.I am about to sign the dotted line in 3 days for a '02. Please help put my mind at ease. By the way i am being offered an '02 in Brilliant Silver, C7 & C5 pkgs. Auto 5speed and and the TeleAid . All this for 26,800 plus T&T and 199 process fee. Any comment is greatly appriciated.<br>
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new engine for 2003...

my impressions from various sources<br> <br> 2.3l sc engine is as reliable as they get b/c it's been around for a while (according to mbtech208) - used in the slk230 also. but it sounds rough (to me at least), not ultra low emissions, easier to tune w/ pulley upgrade.<br> <br> 1.8l engine - cleaner, better fuel efficiency, people say it sounds better - smoother, lighter so power loss isn't as significant. but new, so no engine tuning parts as of yet.
I drive an '02 Coupe and also work at an MB dealership. There is no problem with the 230 engine and I actually prefer it over the new one. This engine has been around for several years and appears to be one of the best that MB makes. The new one is quieter and has better fuel economy but a little less power. And for the price you are paying, I would definitely go for the '02.
The 2.3 is the safer bet.

It's rare that MB introduces a whole new engine in the U.S., usually it's released in Germany first. So personally, given the choice between the two I would go with the 2.3 which has been around in one way or another since 1996 and will still be made for the SLK230 until the 2004 comes out. Also the aftermarket for the 1.8 is zero, zilch, nada. It will take about a year or longer before you see anything for this motor.<br> <br> If you are into Mustangs at all think of when the 4.6L replaced the venerable 5.0L. If took a while for the aftermarket to embrace the motor and many still prefer the 5.0L when doing restorations.
sounds like you got an EXCELLENT deal on that car. i wish i had paid that much -- all i got was C2 and auto and i paid $26,100.
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