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someone please explain the light switch?

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it may be a dumb question, but could someone please explain the light switch? i'm not positive what turning it backwards (to 11 o'clock) does, and i don't see foglights, so what happens when i pull the switch out when the lights are on? thanks :)
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If you switch between 10 and 11 fast enough people think you work for Caltrans hehehe I would like to get the police switch that makes all the lights flash, think it would be awesome and possible illegal lol
You can only use this feature with the key in position 0 (engine off) or position 1 (accessories).

When you're moving, the key is in position 2. So the standing lamps do not work.

The front has 5W while the rear has 10W bulbs for the standing lamps.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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