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This is a super rare item. Auction is for a La Belle Duo 16 media player and 38 Mercedes-Benz training tapes. These tapes were used by Mercedes-Benz to train their mechanics on the then new models. The tapes included are as follows.

service introduction: 1981 models
diesel: theory and operation
diesel injection: service procedures
electrical: cahssis/ E.T.M.
carburetion: stromberg service and adjustment
automatic transmission: principles of operation
carburetion:solex service and adjustment
electrical: automotive fundamentals
suspension and alignment: principles of alignment
diesel: injection nozzle service
introduction: engine 603.961 in model 300SDL
diesel: pre-glow systems
introduction: series W201 engines M102 & 601
fuel injection: mechanical fuel injection
carburetion: zenith service and adjustment
automatic climate control: diagnosis
diesel: 300SD turbodiesel
automatic climate control: theory and operation
electrical: ignition systems
warranty: claim preparation
fuel injection: CIS diagnosis and adjustment
service literature: a guide to effective use
electronic fuel injection: theory and operation
technical innovations: 1985 models
lambda system & idle speed control system
technical innovations: 1981 models
1986 model year introduction part II - type 107, 126, 201
suspension & alignment: MB alignment procedures
electrical: battery/starter/charging
emission controls: theory & operation
air conditioning:eek:peration and diagnosis
introduction to MB service maintenance
introduction: series 201 driveline and chassis
automatic climate control: beggining 1981
introduction: 1980 models
1986 model year introduction: part I- type 124
service literature- 1986 update a guide to effective use
fuel injection: CIS theory and operation
The player plays the tapes great and the speaker sounds good as well. These are excellent tapes and very desireable for anyone who has a W107, W123, W126, W124 and others. Shipping will be $30 flat rate. Any questions don't hesitate to ask. Email direct at [email protected] Thank you and good luck.

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