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Some things that might be of interest for those around the D.C. area...

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The new season of Autocross is starting up on Sunday, April 10, most likely in Winchester, Va. Even if you don't want to run in an autocross (I can't imagine why not) it's fun to watch, and it's fun to meet new people that just happen to have interest in the same kinds of things. These autocrosses generally start at about 9:00 or so, but if your interested in running, it's helpful to be there at about 8:00, so that you can get registered and get an idea about what's going on.
Lots of fun though, even if you only want to watch.
Two days at Summit Point Raceway comes on July 30 and 31 this year. Two miles plus of serious driving fun, and really getting into the Mercedes driving experience. You go as fast as you or your instructor feels is safe. That means if you only want to go 55 mph, that's perfectly OK, provided you don't mind getting passed, .... a lot. :) You will have an instructor with you until both you and the instructor feel you are ready to "solo". Again lots of fun, and no worries about flashing blue lights behind you...!
The Club will also be out at Virginia International Raceway on June 16 and 17, longer then Summit Point and FASTER, but still with the safety of instructors and common sense. I was able to manage 150 mph there on the main straight.... You DON'T have to go that fast if you don't feel comfortable, it took time for me to get up the courage to go that fast, believe me. Safe run off areas are at virtually all the turns, so if you blow it, you don't have to "pay to pay the piper".
Here's the web site that you can check on if your interested, costs involved, and car inspection requirements for your car. C'mon out and have some fun with us.
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Thanks for the reminder, I will most likely sign up for the VIR event...

a co-worker who is a member of the DE Porsche Club, just extended an offer to go with them to VIR in April. They 'dissed' me two years ago, keeping me # 1 on the wait list, and kept bumping me, so I am not too kean about helping out their cause. BUT VIR sounds and looks like a good track. I'm in...
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