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Hi all,

I just bought a 87 190E and have some questions. It's a german model and spent most of it's life in Germany prior to coming to Canada.

1. The fuel (and sometimes the speedo) fluctuate, think it's a bad ground? What else coud it be?
2. Cruise control, how the heck do you get it to work? It's all in German and I haven't got a clue on how to set it.
3. Any sources on getting an owner's manual and a workshop manual (preferably a cd) would be appreciated.
4. How hard is it to replace the dash (cracked in several places). I have junkyard sources.


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Re: 1) The fuel gauge is electric, but the speedometer is mechanical, so it is unlikely that t

Thanks for the speedy replies. I've ordered the Haynes and Glenn manuals from and it is booked with a MB specialist for the 9th of June.

I'm a former pro motorcycle mechanic and have worked on domestic vehicles all my life.

However, I'm a newbie to German vehicles (excluding BMW motorcycles)

The help is appreciated!

1) The fuel gauge is electric, but the speedometer is mechanical, so it is unlikely that they are related. If you notice a correseponding dimming of the dash lights or fluctuation on the oil temp or tach, then it could be an electrical problem with the fuel gauge. Otherwise it could be a problem with the connection at the sending unit at the gas tank. The speedometer fluctuation is likely a stretched speedometer cable, which will bounce more at low speeds. The cable is attached to the transmission and is pretty cheap.

2) The cruise control stalk is the skinny one behind the turn and washer stalk. You engage the cruise by pushing and holding the stalk up. Once engaged, pulling the stalk towards you disengages or pushing it towards the dash re-engages it.

3) Owners manuals, Engine and Chassis manuals are available from MB and E-Bay.

4) To replace the dash is easily a whole day job for two people, possibly one. I would recommend the Haynes manual for the 190E for the step by step. In no particular order, you have to:
Remove the ignition switch
Remove the A-pillar caps
Remove the steering wheel
Remove the instrument cluster
Remove the center console (climate control, radio)
Remove the A/C ducting
Remove the glovebox
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