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Hey guys. It's been a while since I had some questions on my E320...she's been running so well. But 30k miles and 1 year later, we've put a lot of good use to the car.

Anyway, I was just checking in on the usual CEL that read back the always familiar code 5 for the EGR. I've learned to ignore that but I also like to check to make sure nothing else is malfunctioning...unfortunately so is not the case.

Anyway, I checked the LED reader next to the battery and I've received codes:

#2 Oxygen Sensor Inoperative
#5 EGR Inoperative (Don't worry about this one)
#6 Idle Speed control inoperative

Both 2 and 6 are very new.

What also happened, was this:

I just finished cleaning the car and was taking a wet rag to the engine...wiping things down. The engine was running so that any excess water left by the rag gets dried off by the heat.

I was looking around the engine just visually checking things and I spotted the throttle line. Making sure that was it I pulled it a few times to rev the engine to verify what I was touching. All of a sudden it got a bit loose.

So I go back to the dash to turn the car off and the ASR light is on...I'm like aww crap.

So I turn the car off and restart it and it goes away. I use the pedal this time to rev and nothing ASR happens but normal operation.

What happened? Could that have set off Code #6?

How do I go about diagnosing these?



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Lol dont laugh to hard at yourself I did the same thing. Shut the car off clear codes and restart. This is not a chevy you can not pull the cable like that when running. Must be done with pedal its the way they built it so the accelerator cant stick and kill someone at 150 mph. When I was trouble shooting the engine wiring harness on mine I scared the crap out of myself.

Hope this helps.
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