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Some pics from my KW Variant 2 installation

Some things to note.

1. The KWs are a little heavier than the H&Rs, however, designwise, they are a significant improvement.

2. In the pictures of the strut housing from the bottom, I am very pissed off because there are signs of cracking at the reinforement attachment points to the housing and a little rust. So very soon, the next project is to clean that up and repaint it. To all my north east brothers, look into it if you drive it in the winter. I BARELY drove mine in the winter, not happy about this.

3. MB REALY FUCKED US with the design of the upper mount. Not sure how the Camber/Caster plates will work. after cutting through the three layers of steel to remove that cup, we'll definately have to reinforce the strut housing prior to installing any plate of any design. I need to call Jeff and share these with him.

4. The first two pics are for E (Mr. Space), that is the measurement of the slide adapter for the SuperSprint header.

5. In the last pics, second page of thumbs, you can see the next project, the BMW e30.

6. In the last pic, no my car isn't uneven, it's the road. I measured on a PERFECTLY flat slabe of conrete at my friend's shop.

7. In some pics you can see my aluminum racing 1.5 ton jack. Best investment I have made to date. It ACTUALLY fits under the front valance this low. It's great.

Ultimately I am pissed off at my MB right now. However, I am VERY pleased with my KWs. The H&Rs were great, don't get me wrong, but I am loving my KWs for the adjustability and range of motion.
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