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Hey There,
I recently picked up a solid '70 280SE sedan and I'm hearing a few noises that have me concerned. First, I'm hearing a whining sound from below the floor shifter upon start up. Tranny fluid levels are good and I'm wondering if this is a sign of a vacuum leak or failing modulator? The sounds seems to disappear after awhile (not really sure) and it definately fluctuates when shifting from park to drive to reverse, etc. I am experiencing some intermitent hard shifting as well.

The other noise is a whirring sound coming from the tranny tunnel or rear end. It isn't constant and only occurs when the car is rolling. I haven't had a chance to check fluid levels in the rear differential. Does it sound like the problem is there? I'm not getting any clunking sounds but just a gear sounding whirr... if that makes sense :p

Also, can anyone recommend the best oil and tranny fluids to use on this year of a 108? I'm missing an owners manual but I believe Castrol was the oil of choice.

Thanks for the advice...

Scott M
Shoreview, MN USA
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