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Some newbie questions, '79 240D

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I saw the car online and couldn't not stop when i passed on my way to school. The link can be seen here:

First off:

What is that switch to the left of the ignition? it has very little resistance and I almost think it doesn't work!

some more:

I'll track down the vacuum stuff on my own, the locks are sluggish and I'm guessing its a leak somewhere, I hear this is very common.

When starting cold(driving, not engine starting) the transmission(automatic) shifts hard for a few times, is this vacuum related as well?

When putting it in gear, the back end jumps, I know rear-drive cars are different(my other car is a neon) but I am not sure this is normal! Could it be the engine idling too high?


There are a few dried up bits of vinyl and rubber. Can youall point me to some web sources for pieces? We dont have a lot of these cars left in alabama, theyre all but extinct! thanks in advance for your time and i hope to not post alot!
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If you mean the knob on the left side of the steering wheel then thats the idle control. You turn it all the way CC to bring the engine up on high idle. This high idle could be the reason for the jumping.
iNeon - 1/19/2005 12:15 AM

another question and ill leave yall al i fix the first batch!

is the oil pressure supposed to be maxed out(touching the top needle stop) when it is going?

it comes down to about 2/3 when it is sitting at a red light if that has anything to do with it!
Yea, that is telling you that the engine is healthy. They all did that when new.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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