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New: 2005 w211 E270 132kw; Old: 2001, w203, C220 105kw
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Hello forum,

i was inspecting footwell area on my E270 and found out some wires hanging.

Picture 1, drivers side
Wire Electrical wiring Technology Cable Electronic device
Bumper Auto part Automotive exterior Vehicle
Vehicle Automotive exterior Car Bumper Hood

I tried following this wire, it appears to go somewhere up to the left side maybe.

Picture 2, passenger side
Wire Electrical wiring Auto part Cable Technology
Electrical wiring Wire Auto part Engine Technology

The connector does not fit to the body control module you see in the picture, i tried.

There is another connector there which has similar red wire as the one from the drivers side.

Any idea what these could be for?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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