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Some help needed

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Some of the details I pulled with VIN
Car Model: W210 E 230 1997
Market: AG, Europe

I bought this car three weeks ago, I knew that there were issues on the vehicle but decided to take it anyway... A week ago I stopped to put in petrol and when I got back in the car it was like me key was not recognized and completely synced out... The EIS was worked on just before I bought the car and was still under warranty but after spending a sh!t load of money on less than a km tow and them refusing to come out was my decision to get someone else out to have a look and replaced the Ignition as well as key...

The car starts sometimes for something like 1 second and then refuse to start unless you get out to lock and unlock the vehicle

The steering lock used to be locked but now it is unlocked - would the car start if that is a problem? We tried putting an emulator on but that couldn't fix it either.

The k90 overload relay module was full of what looked like damp or water damage but this was cleaned up, could this have a factor?

I really need help here as I am unsure of what else to do and every Tom, dick and harry want to charge me a fortune.. we did a diagnostics and cleared all the faults but somehow it still gave an IRZ/IZR comm error.
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I had the same problem about 6 months ago with the key not working at a gas station. In my case I knew exactly was was going on, as the key after insertion would not turn at all. After some jiggling with the key's guts (it pays to know the problem area :)) The car started, and I was on my way.

In my case, it was a bad key, in your case, if the EIS was replaced /reset, it first goes into test mode (no authorization required), and if not activated by the technician, after so many starts, it will end the test mode with no further authorization to start the car.

Since you now have a new EIS and a new key (if I understood correctly), the new EIS will have to match with the ESL (steering lock) as well as the ECU (the engine computer). When you insert the key, the EIS sends an unlock message with authorization code to the ESL, and if the ESL likes the authorization code, it will unlock the steering and sends and acknowledgement to the EIS. EIS will then release the key turn lock, allowing you to turn the key to start the car. It is odd that the EIS will allow you to turn the key without getting and acknowledgement from the ESL. It appears that the ESL is unlocked, and never receives a lock command when the key is turned to OFF and removed.

What is the equivalent of IRZ and IZR modules in english ? Never heard them before.

What is the fault code associated with this ?

It appears that you have a start enable issue, while start is authorized initially, a communications issue causes it to be disabled.
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