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1985 Mercedes 190E
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Hello....I have a 1985 190E with 215,000 miles on it.
The idle is erratic...not at first, but as it warms up it jumps high (1500-1800). I think it may be my Idle Control Valve but im not sure. When I put it into gear (especially at high idle) the idle drops EXTREMELY low (500-) and struggles to return to normal. Sometimes in reverse, the car actually peels out.
I also have a rattling problem. When I put the car into gear, a rattling noise starts coming from the front of the engine (can it be a pulley or timing chain?) Please help me out. It goes away when driving.
One last problem. Its with the Electromagnetic Fan.
I think the clutch may be bad. It doesnt spin slowly anymore. As soon as engine is started it spins fast, as if it has kicked on...but it does it all the time, it doesnt kick on/off anymore.

Help on this would be GREATLY appriciated!
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