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Some assistance with damage codes

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Hi there,

I would appreciated if any technicians or someone in the know would be able to help me out.

I'm looking into buying a car with the following on the service record:

Damage Code: 04920277 with Damage Code Description: 0607P46A76


Damage Code: 020920107with Damage Code Description: 0710P20B12

Thanks a lot guys,

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Sorry, I can't find anything on those codes. I have looked in ASRA and SSL and tried various permutations of these numbers as possible operation items or damage codes, and I come up with nothing. Operation items in ASRA define the actual repair procedure along with "book rates" for time. These codes are in the format "xx-xxxx". Damage codes simply show the technician photos of individual parts that can be repaired or replaced and allow a record to be kept as to what was done and how it was covered (warranty or not). Also, whenever you look for information, please include the specific model and year (better yet, the VIN).

I finally got reply from MBSA.

Those codes for a for a campaign to replace a V-belt pulley, and the other one the indicator stalk.

I already check the VIN, the engine number falls into the affected range.


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Welcome to the forum @simokatgrup - please take a moment to read the information on the links below. It explains how to use the forums and update your user profile so that your car's details and your location appear on each post below your avatar. This is good information for others to know when trying to help. It also has good information about how the forums are organized and how to use the search feature:

Find your Forum Section, Navigate & Search

Complete your profile.

Until we know what car you drive and what systems you pulled those codes from, I'm afraid you won't get much help.
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