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Solved why the 2004 MB SL500 R230 Central Gateway Module would not connect to the DAS Xentry Scanner.
Originally when I connected the Xentry Scanner with my C3 Multiplexer I was unable to see any communication from Central Gateway Module and most of the other modules. There were some modules I could access in which there were no error codes.

Although the car ran perfectly, I still did not appreciate seeing the Battery Red light Icon even though the voltages to the two batteries were in spec.
I tested every fuse I could readily access and removed the right front fuse box and SAM module for inspection; I do not recommend this for the fainthearted since removing this equipment is a lot easier than trying to reconnect and place it back in the fuse box.

Finally, I decided to buy a new C3 multiplexer before sending the car out to reputable MB mechanic shop with good knowledge of the electrical system.

Today I received the new C3 and connected it to my DAS Xentry and the vehicle. All modules and their model number appeared under the quick test along with their respective Fs, fs, and "!" and those with check marks.

For now, I am going to correctly re-install all the panels and just drive and enjoy the car as is.

Does anyone know where I can send out the broken unit for repair?

BTW thanks to all the folks that made suggestions to this problem I posted on Jan 27
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