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Solution for tail light going off when fogs go on.

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Hey guys...tryin' to help out a friend. She's got a CLK 430 and it's driving her nuts that one of her rear tail lights go out when the fogs are turned on. She said she checked with MBNA and they said that's the way it's supposed to be. Any of you have a solution to this? She had thought about taking the bulbs out completely, but I guess there is a light on the dash which will activate saying that a bulbs out, and that's totally cheesy....HELP!!
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I guess you mean her rear fog goes on when front fogs are turned on...

Don,<p>Tell her not to pull it all the way out. The switch works as such:<p>1st turn to the right - Park light<br>2nd turn to the right - Headlights<p>Pull up once - Front foglights.<br>Pull up again - Rear foglight.<p>Frank
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