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I'm offering for sale three chrome/ wood dash parts, P/N's 1078691171, 1076891571 & 1076891471. These parts have never been used, and according to my research they're not available anymore. The story goes, in Feb. 1995 I bought a 1989 560 SL, Taupe/ Brown/ Brown rag top, with 42,000 miles on her. Took me months of searching to find her, and when I did, I found a real gem. The car was bought new by an old German guy from Bill Ussery Motors Coral Gables. The old German guy, Ludwig, owned a palm tree nursery out in west Miami that was incredible, you had to see this place, a 5 foot high coral wall around the whole 6 acre compound. For some reason he had the dealer furnish him these parts. I never swapped them out because there was nothing wrong with the ones on my car. Incidentally, I sold the car in Nov. 1996 for $750.00 less than I paid for it. I've had these parts laying around for quite sometime now, and they are not in the original packing anymore. I judge them to be an 8, maybe 9 out of 10 in condition. They may match up to any year 560 SL. I'm asking $200.00 plus shipping. PM me if you are interested. I'm located in Tyler, Texas. I'm not an Ebay'r, I have an Ebay account w/ Paypal, I can only recall buying a laptop screen, and I know I've never sold anything. I figured I'd offer these parts to my forum brothers & sisters first.



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