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I have a software problem on my 2008 mGL 450 on the air suspension.
Yes I caused it by fooling around with aftermarket suspension control links.
an attemt to change the suspension a bit away from the rubbery boatlike feel despite of good handling was not succeded.
It did change the suspension and made it firmer,but any position on the adjustable links were much worse than MB links.
I have never been bounced arround in a seat like that before.
Originals are back on ,car is stuch high in the front and low in the back.
If i am not mistaken disconnecting batterypower for a while resets just about everthing to factory setup.
There is nothing wrong with the suspension other than it got fooled by my fooling arround.
Thanks for your responses.
Perhaps the after market electrical control unit can improve suspension but I doubt it after this bad experience.

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