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soft top was resuscitated but died shortly there after, leaking hydraulic line #12

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it seems my soft top has lost the will to move...either very slow or dead, did my research on the forums and looked in the hydraulic reservoir, it was bone dry, bought the hydraulic fluid and filled it up, cycled twice before the reservoir was completely drained, did it one more time and noticed i have 3 holes in line #12, so does anyone know where to get new lines?
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ok...till i put up a pic, ill have to describe it, in the spare tire footwell, there are 3 lines,the return line, lines #10 and line #12 as indicated on top of the pump (old style), attempted to to a DIY by putting bathroom tape sealant but failed miserably, i quickly passed by the salvage yards in Abu Dhabi, omar as we were installing an exhaust system for my friend's scooby, the only garage i went to said that they will sell ONLY the entire system!!!

now the soft top is on but it wont go down as there is absolutely no fluid to till then i will be riding with my soft top on, passing by sharjah to look for the line
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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