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1991 500 SL, 75K, DlyDrvr
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This is one of those problems that tend to drive you nuts trying to figure out.
Took off the hardtop and put the soft top up. Later went for a ride and put the soft top down (worked fine). Had some difficulty getting it back up but it went up after some trial and errors. Now I can't get the top to go down with the switch. All I get are the windows and roll bar going down and then nothing. Plus the soft top alarm sounds continuously and the switch blinks while driving and all locks are in place with the top up.
I checked # 3 fuse in the trunk (OK) but replaced it anyway. The fluid was a little low so I filled it to the max line. I checked the code for socket # ten and got a
(6), cleared that and I got just one blink. I held the window switches in the up position (with the key on) for 20 seconds then started the car and turned the steering wheel all the way to the left and held then all the way to the right and held.
If I manually drop the top and drive it there is no top alarm or blinking switch. When I push the soft top button to close, it works fine.
So basically the switch does not operate the top in the down mode and the soft top alarm sounds while driving and the switch blinks.
Really appreciate your time and expertise with this one. Thanks, SpeedDemon
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