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SoCaL RoseBowl Mercedes Meet Pics

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good turnout today at the RoseBowl Mercedes Meet..... post your pics here..
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perzbenz said:
that just totally tripped me out to the MAX!! i was like...... i dont remember backing into a spot.......? am i actually that forgetful to remember if i backed into a spot?? but then i realised.... those pictures are from bev hills concours
wow! what a reaction.

yea, they are from bev hills ... the pics look a lot better than the ones i took at rosebowl. ... just so it can be appreciated more.
one of the best cars i saw at the bowl yesterday.
karugs said:
Where were you?? I was with my friend beside our cars. I don't recall your 190E since there were quite a few there...
karugs .. yea i stopped by at 2:30-3:30. too bad i didn't see you. although come to think about it, i saw a yellow w123. was that you?
i saw the car .. lol.. didn't see u. next time bro!
i never met you, but my car is sitting right beside yours... are you anyhere in the pic??? around our cars i mean.
1 - 8 of 17 Posts
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