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So, who's heard something about the new SLK TriTurbo?

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Was buying a coke from a gas station, and my eyes caught the cover of a german car magazine with a pic of a cubanite/pewter colored SLK (with the AMG front skirt) on the cover.

So I went through it, and they had an article (in german) on a new SLK called the TriTurbo. A Diesel (I think 3.2 liter since it was a 320), that apparently has Turbo's on it, and develops 312hp!!!

Not sure if it's an AMG model, but the front skirt WAS an AMG skirt, and it had vents on the side (just like the 55).

I didn't buy the magazine, but I'm guessing someone else has seen this info too and will post pics soonish (come to think of it, I'm heading over to Torstens site now to check it out!).
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steve-p - 3/4/2005 10:54 AM
German descriptions of turbo also includes supercharging just to make things totally confusing.
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