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so my parents want to buy a CLK430

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hi all,

i usually hang out on the w126 and w124 forums, but need your input. my parents were in a pretty bad accident about 2 weeks ago that totaled their '01 toyota camry (taxi ran a red light and t-boned them) and now they're looking for a replacement car.

they're eying an '01 CLK430 and an '01 E430 that a local dealership is selling -- i used to have a 400E that my dad drove a few times and fell in love with, and i think they want a V8 benz now...

so now for the age-old question: how's the CLK430 from a reliability and overall ownership perspective? how maintenance-intensive is the V8 in this car? any weak spots i should know about? would this be a reasonable choice for my parents (in their late 50s/early 60s), even though they're not the DIY type? thanks!
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thanks guys -- all very good advice. to be honest, i think the E would be a better fit for them than the CLK, but it's good to know that either would be a decent choice dependability-wise. i'm in my early 30s and would probably pick the CLK over the E, but for my parents a sedan might be more appropriate... then again, i'm cruising around in a 560SEL, so clearly i'm into boxy :)
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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