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So i work for a repair shop got an idea

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So i have a 2007 s550 it needs some work engine wise

Tried to look it up on Google but can't find info about timing chain replacement and whats involved only shop cost seen one for a 90s model v8. And it was already torn down.

I got access to either a 2 post lift or 4 if i need it but not sure how long it could take so won't be doing it that way unless its really needed. Also access to every tool i could need and a very expensive scan tool.

Don't have the coin for a fsm (im cheap haha) would rather find a video to see what what's involved and if its something i can take on.

If i do this what else would be worth replacing it has 120k and only gets driven about 4 miles a day currently to work.
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Can the shop scan tool which is snap on zeus show me the engine sensors i know it can data log but not sure if it will show the things i need to see.

I know my torque pro setup doesn't show much but showed this code that didn't show up on the shop scanner
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Because that code number goes to a Toyota...
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