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So I bought a W123

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New to my wife, 1985 300TD "Lady Gaga" in light Ivory over Palomino interior.

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It's got a million little things to fix so I guess I'll be staying busy for a while. Engine/tranny is good, almost no rust at all.
Thanks. On order, all shocks, lower arm control bushings, and CV joints for the back. Everything else looks in good shape.

Right now I'm fighting an ignition tumbler that refuses to go in, it just turns but the thread on the anti-theft collar does not grab.

I'm open to suggestions...
Thanks, I've done that and it came out fine but it's not going in the same way. I'll play with it some more tomorrow.
So I gave up and put the old key tumbler back in. I wonder if dealers handle these kinds of problems...
My closest dealer doesn't do just tumblers but the whole ignition. I was quoted $1,500. o_O
1 - 6 of 9 Posts
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