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Snow - tires/wheels and mats

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Foot of snow tonight meant running around and switching out the 18 in 5 spokes with 255's, for a more snow friendly Michelin Primacy on stock wheels. Hate it when it snows prior to Thanksgiving, nevermind Halloween.

Damned if I could not find the lug bolts. Found a set that were too short (maybe from the W124?), some that were from an older SL (extended head), a set from my Westy, but no W140 bolts. Probably show up tomorrow in my kids toy box or something equally stupid.

Trip to the local dealer yielded 10 used ones and 10new ones, and for the winter wheels I really did not care. New ones were $6.50 each.

Also inquired about some winter mats, but was told they are NLA. He stated that he was having issues getting them when the W140 was one generation old, never mind three.

Anyone have a good recommendation for a well fitting and good performing winter mat set?

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I think I have a spare set of winter mats, ill look and see and let you know..

Thanks Eddie

I will await your response before coming out to your shop for the fuel pump mount. Should have called you on the lug bolts last week rather than going to dealer.

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