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snow tire size

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with stock wheels
205 55 r16 I assume

Would 195 60 r16 be as good or better, or are they too narrow?
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I called tirerack and was told that for my vehicle, to maintain load capacity, etc, I can go narrower than stock (215/55/r16) I'm sure some people have done it successfully, but according to tirerack, who's expertise I trust, this is not advisable. Hope you all find this helpful.
I used to have a subaru and, although i may not have needed snow tires, I had them and loved them! I could go down roads that only snowmobiles could normally use, and pulled a few 4wd pickups out when they were stuck. It's been a few years, but i hope to be somewhat as well off with this car.
It is a matter of personal preference. I am a fan of snow tires because of the increased traction, but what i think makes them most important is the decreased stopping distance--my recollection (from several years ago when i researched it) is that this is decreased by as much as 1/2 compared to all-seasons. So me me they are easily justifiable if they save me or my family from one accident.
But it is true that a lot of people sell their cars and are stuck with an extra set of snow tires and rims they have to get rid of cheap on craigslist--that's where I try to get them!
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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