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Snap Crackle Pop Amp Crispies

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My Bose amp (1995 S-320) has been infected with the infamous crackling and popping so common among us W-140 owners. Per advice found elsewhere on this forum, I called RadioMan in San Diego (I'm already in CA). Nice folks[:)]
The amp repair is running $450 now. However, the tech advised sending in the radio head unit with the amp. He says alot of times the popping/ crackling is due to the radio and is cheaper to fix.
Has anyone experienced these symptoms to find that it was the radio and not the amp? Was it cheaper to fix?
And while I'm at it, is a radio head unit and amp swap really incompatible with W140 wiring/speakers? I just don't get that[?]
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In my case it was the amp. Good luck.
I still think its cheaper to rebuild the amp than get amps for all those speakers and wiring them up right.
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