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I bought a 2012 MY C63 Coupe a couple of months ago and happily connected my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone (running ICS). The only problem is that I get the error message all the time that Text Messages have failed to download. Now, I would like to have the text message functionality like I had on my previous car (Skoda Octavia).

Looking at Mercedes help pages it says the S3 is capable of downloading texts and the S2 is running the same OS, and says it has the correct profiles. But there is a caveat that some models can only do this when running Comand Online - does this mean I need to have connectivity to Comand online and therefore use the Bluedun App ? Or is the C63 able to do this without ?

Dealers have no clue whatsoever. Can anybody help me make my phone use this ability ?

I have searched the forum andn found no solution - but sorry if that is a repeated question.

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