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While I'm a very happy smart owner it brings me even more joy to be able to mix my smart and my racing life together as this year I will be driving my project car forfiveone in the 2008 One Lap of America (cannonball run).

Here is a copy of the press announcement on the entry of the smart into the event:

One Lap of America and the smart to Become Part of Racing History

The Tire Rack 2008, One Lap of America (formerly named Cannonball Run), will celebrate its 25th anniversary race around the United States and Stephen Noton along with his 451 smart fortwo will be apart of this historic race.

The smart has only been on sale for a couple months in the USA and Canada but it has already sparked some amazing interest from all types of car enthusiasts. While most people see the smart as an economical form of transportation Stephen Noton is showing that a smart can also be a very cool and fun car to drive.

Stephen Noton says "The smart is like a Ferrari, it is a 2 seater, rear wheel drive, rear mounted engine European exotic and it even beats the Ferrari in one performance metric, MPG". That is very true and with some vehicles in the One Lap of America averaging less then 10mpg the smart at 41mpg might even have an advantage during the 4,000 mile event.

Stephen Noton along with his co-driver, Tony Abou-Assaleh, will be driving the 451 smart fortwo nicknamed "forfiveone" which has been modified with racing springs, wider tires and some nice interior enhancements. The car has its own website at forfiveone's Page - 451 smart fortwo which is hosted on the 451 smart fortwo Owners & Enthusiasts website 451 smart fortwo and for now One Lap of America and the smart to Become Part of Racing History - 451 smart fortwo is the dedicated page established for the smart participation in the One Lap of America.

Will the smart catch on in the racing world? Well if history repeats itself as it has with owners of vehicles like the Mini Cooper, VW Beetle, and the Miata, it might not be long before we see smarts showing up at local Solo I and Solo II events. The smarts entry into the racing world will be made easier if smart Canada or smart USA brings in the smart that is sold in Europe which has some impressive performance specifications such as 0-60 in 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 170 all from its 999cc 3 cylinder engine (those numbers are in km).

If you would like to see the One Lap of America or the forfiveone first hand you are welcome to attend anyone of the official race tracks which are posted on the One Lap of America website at One Lap of America - the Official Webpage. Entrance to most tracks is free and you will even be able to access the staging/pit areas to get up close and personal with the nearly 100 exotic vehicles and their drivers.
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