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Hello guys.

First post here, so please bear with me :)

I've just bought a smart fortwo (passion with a 90hp engine) and there are a couple of issues which have been bugging me since I've started using the car (about a week ago). I'll start with the most annoying one: making it go forward on a slope from the sopped position during the morning.

In the morning, and even if I let the engine warm up for 1 min (something which I thought was no longer needed in 2019 - btw, I live in a small Island in the Atlantic, where temperatures don't really go below 10 ºC all year around!), I'm having some issues with the hill hold feature (or should I say, with the engine response?). After stopping the car in a slight slope, I can't make it go upwards without using the hand break. The hill hold system is working and the car does not roll back for one or two seconds. The problem is that the engine doesn't seem to respond to the gas pedal while the hill hold is on (ie, after hitting the gas pedal, it takes a couple of seconds to respond!). I've tried several approaches but none was successful. I've tried to use sport mode on drive (D), I've tried to use the manual sequential box, but the result is always the same (and yes, I've made sure the gas pedal was really on the floor!)...

The only way to get the car moving in the morning if I stop on a slope without rolling back is by using the hand break (when I do that, hill hold is turned off and the car won't roll back until I release the break).

After driving the car for some kms, the problem is not so severe...there are some scenarios where there's a slight rollback, but nothing as serious as when I try to do it in the morning...

A couple of years ago, I drove a previous generation Smart for a couple of months...The engine didn't have turbo, but it never behaved like this (nor did I had to let the engine warm up before driving). I've driven a couple of other cars with hill hold in these last years (manual and auto gearboxes), but none behaved like this...

The second issue which is really bugging me is putting/removing the key from the ignition switch. Sometimes, it goes in but I can't rotate it to make the engine start. I have to take it off and put i back in...sometimes, it will only work after several attempts...The last time this problem happened (2 days ago), it simply refused to let me take the key after the ignition switch. I had to change the gear box between P and D a couple of times until it let me take the key off...

Has anyone had or heard of similar issues? Please tell me that I'm doing something wrong.


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