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I placed an order with a customer for a new SLS AMG the other day, the second allocation at our dealership, and it got me thinking about color options. These folks went with Obsidian Black, which I think is a great choice, as the old 300SL Gullwings I've seen in black have always looked great. Black wasn't a real popular color for them in the 50s and 60s and they didn't make tons of them in black.

I put an article together on my blog today about color options, and thought I'd ask you guys what you would do in terms of exteror color if you were going to order an SLS AMG.

That article is HERE along with a color chart for the SLS AMG.
I'm not really the flashy type... but I've got to admit, I'd go with the ALUBEAM Silver 'liquid metal' color... I mean, you only live once, right?
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