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SLR Wings on SLK R171

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I heard some places in Asia like HK or China, there's a factory option to get SLR doors on the SLK. Does anybody know anything about that? Can that be done in Canada/US? $$? Aftermarket maybe?

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There's a company in Europe (forgot now, but it might have been German) that do it for 6000euro. Apparently the work is top notch.

Also, a Swiss company told me (in last years Geneva car show) that they will offer the same mod. No mention of price however.
These are the guys in Germany who propose the LSD doors:

The guys from Switzerland were: (but I'm not yet sure if they actually make the LSD doors, I was only told by them that they would make 'em. I'll probably find out in a months time when I go to the next auto show).
Pics of the doors: (and then choose the R171.... it's a few pages later that you can see pics of the LSD doors...)
The system for opening the door on the SL from Fab is a slightly different system. It opens more akin to real lambo door. Not the kind where you first push them out a bit before lifting them up.

Maybe if Fab made the same for the SLK, it would be cool. But it really depends on the lock system. You'll have to replace it as you cannot 'drop' the door in place as the lock needs to be seated inside a caveat in the door...
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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