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97 SLK230 Sport Package from HongKong
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Dear all,
My 97 SLK230 have a Smart Roof installed and DIY 3 x roof actuators rebuild 2 years before. So far they working great !

Days before, i found the car roof motion suddenly very slow, the whole open / close motion need over 30-35 sec. to complete. Sometimes they stop working at the half, I guess there is a timer in the system that the motor cannot run too long time.

Oil level checked are normal. no oil leakage was found on all actuator. Battery was checked normal too. Slow motion also happen when engine is on.
All the hinge and joints were well lubricated too.

Meanwhile, I found the screw of the roof motor was lossen, the one which use to change "auto mode" to "manual mode" screw. After i tighten it again, the roof seems run faster but still "A BIT SLOW".

Anyone please comment how tight of the screw needed ? it seems there is no guildline to it...


Wilsophia from hk:surrender:
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