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Slk55 gearbox modification, does it have any side effects or setbacks?

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There is a modification for the rough transmition for the slk55. This modification is from Mercedes. The guy that works there told me it has no effect on the car just makes the kickdown smoother. Has anyone tried it, and does anyone recomend it?
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Smgkw, are you talking about the rough downshifting on DECELERATION (when you brake or ease up on the gas)? Some of us have had problems with that and there have been a few threads on the subject. "Kickdown" refers to downshifting with maximum ACCELERATION (downshifting several gears when you floor it).

If you're talking about rough downshifting during DECELERATION, I'd be most interested in knowing more about that "modification." What exactly did your dealership's techie tell you? What parts are replaced? Can you get more info, like an MB repair code number that I could give to my dealer?

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