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2005 SLK350
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Hello slk350 people,
I’m new to this so please bare with me. I hope I’m in the right place.
I have a 2005 SLK350, check engine light came on with a code for secondary fan. Cleaned fan code went away ( sometimes) ran cleaner in engine
Then code came on for bank 2 exhaust lean sensor. ( cleared code, ran 2 tank’s of fuel, code has not come back, but have had a rough idle. check engine light back with #2 misfire. Changed coil. Code for #3 misfire and multiple (3,4). Changed all coils, plugs, and mass air sensor. ( also during all this a code for low water temp) ( going to change thermostat) now code for just #4 misfire comes up after several miles. Switched #4 coil to #5 and #4 plug to #6, still #4 comes up code P0304 misfire.
What could it be
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