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SLK350 for SL500

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hi just wondering if anyone has driven or been in both cars, any opinions on which feels the fastest.

I have ordered a 350 with AMG packege coming in 1 month WHOOOO!!! performance figs look great and i wanted a munual so 55 was no good (auto/buttons kill the driving experience - personnel opinion),
basically i noticed for the cost of my car new £43,000 you can get a 2year old SL500 now i like this car especially the rear lights and the width of the body (not sure if i like it more than the SLK but SL is abit more prestigious), but is it looking a bit dated now and do u think geting one now before the face lift would be financial suicide.

is the SL500 Faster than the SLK350????
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The SLK is much much faster and handles significantly better than the SL. I drove both back to back several times and was disappointed at how the SL handled compared to the lighter SLK. Now, on its own, the SL is a fine gt, Its just nowhere as sporty as the SLK - also my personal opinion.
I agree with Silver_Lana. I also drove them back to back on the track at the Love Mercedes event. The SL is a great car but you can really throw the SLK around. When the new SL body style premiers, the resale of the previous model will drop. I'd also rather have a new SLK with its full warranty than a two year old SL.
The SLK has approximatel 270hp to 1400kilos, whilst the SL has 300hp to 1900kilos.

The SLK is bound to be faster in those regards.

The SL would however have the more luxurious interior, and it's larger.

I'd take the SLK 350 over an SL500. But definitely take an SL AMG over the 350 (but it's like twice as expensive...)

p.s. you can only get the SL 350 with manual, the SL 500 is automatic... kinda shame)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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