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What happened: I have a 2001 SLK320, six-speed manual with 152,XXX miles. On my way to work last week, a quick flash (which I think was the ESP light) drew my attention to the instrument cluster. I saw all the instruments go to zero state and then come right back. Curious, but everything was back to normal so I went on my merry way. On my way home from work, I noticed the instruments worked at first, but failed at some point along the trip. I also noticed the blower was not running (also no back lighting for the climate control block). I parked her in the garage and shut her down to do some troubleshooting. I pulled out my iCarsoft MBII and plugged it in. It was reading several codes, but strangely, it said the codes were not found in the database so it wouldn't indicate what the codes were. I've used this MBII on a variety of other cars (to include this SLK) but never seen that error message. I tried to restart to see if the instruments would return. The car started, but the instruments didn't return to service (additionally, the only cluster warning light that came on when starting was the SRS light). To add to the mystery, the car died on its own and now will not crank at all. Also, now the MBII won't read anything from OBDII port. That's how it all happened.

Symptom summary: no dash indicator lights except SRS and the car won't crank. I'm guessing if I could get it to crank, the instruments wouldn't work either. No HVAC blower and no back lighting on the climate control block. I'm also guessing that the OBDII port isn't functioning correctly due to not being able to read/identify fault codes. Everything else seems to be working ok (lights - external and internal to include back lighting on the instrument cluster and bright light indicator on the cluster, flashers/signals to include cluster indication, windows, hard top, door locks. As I'm thinking about it, I have, admittedly, not tried to disengage the ESP, but can do that when I get home and will update this thread with the outcome.

What I did: I spent this weekend doing research online until my eyes were bloodshot. I did remove the ignition switch and test all the switch positions with a multimeter and it seems to be functioning correctly and I have power to both circuit 30 connections on the switch. For good measure, I went through and checked all the fuses in both driver and passenger side boxes under the hood (I didn't get too aggressive with the passenger side box because it seems like additional problems just waiting to happen with all the wiring there) as well as the fuse block left of the steering wheel.

It seems as though this problem is bigger than me, but I thought I'd reach out to the forum before I have it hauled in for repairs, which I'm sure will cost a fortune for diagnosis alone...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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