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SLK Top Speed

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The specs on the SLK say the top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph. My 16 year old son was wondering if anyone could verify that the limiter makes it top out at 155 mph? I know I haven't had a chance to test it on a track (yet). [:D]
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155 for the slk32
This thread shows top speed of all the variants of the R170 SLK without being electronically limited and assuming the car is not drag limited.
Should have known this had been discussed before... I'll try to remember to do a search next time. Thanks for the links, he was impressed with your results.
Holysh*t!! 180+ mph on 32?? that's fast!!
AMG has a different rear end you can upgrade to that gives a little more on the top end. The AMG stock is speed limited to 155. AMG and Renntech (to same a few) can remove the upper limit.
yeah wasnt there discussion a while ago about how the 320 rear end on a 32 would allow for higher speeds??? But yeah..180mph is fricken fast, even with "a lot" of cars out there doing close to 200 these days.
Actually it's the other way around. A 320 rear-end on a 32 would lower the top speed of the 32. What you'd want is the rear-end from a W208 CLK55 (2.83:1) or a W211 E55 (2.65:1). Of course, that would kill your 0-60mph times...

If I remember correctly, the axle-ratios are

'99-'00 SLK230 w/ manual transmission 3.46:1
All other SLK230 3.27:1
All SLK320 3.27:1
All SLK32 AMG 3.07:1
It seems to me that a while back ............

one of our European friends with an SLK 32 had the governor removed from his car, and reported a speed of a little over 185 mph, but you need a bigger fuel pump to keep from burning up the engine.
On a similar note the governor was removed on a 230K and the car maxed out at about 150. These cars are pretty fast if given the room to accelerate. The calculated numbers seem close to the real life situation.
my SLK first off
99 230, renntech pullies, ecu, and muffler
5-speed manual
the fastest ive hit so far is 145mph im sure it can go faster, im not sure by how much though, im guessing near 155
the road was starting to turn a little up ahead so i let off, not alot of roads around here ill go for top speed runs
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