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SLK R171 Body Kits

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Hi I'm new to Benzworld so I'm not exactly sure how to work all the mechanics of these threads...anways (I'll figure it out pretty soon).

I'm currently drivin' an '02 C230 Kompressor SC and I'm lookin' to get an '05/'06 SLK 350. Are there any body kits out there worth it to be considered as optional to the Factory MB AMG package? Or is the AMG kit worth its bucks?

Also, any input on:
SLK 350 w/ AMG kit VS. SLK 55 AMG??



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Thanks, this forum's higher-paced than I thought. I just posted that like 5 minutes ago!

But isn't the the only difference between the AMG kit and that Actual AMG the grills on the hood of the car? (Or do the rims not come with it as well? I don't remember...) I test drove the 350 and I found it to be powerful enough for me (maybe it's because I'm so used to my C230K SC? I just like the fact that the 350 comes 6-Speed.

Still, nice to know your opinion~

--> Considering AMG Kit, but I wanna see if there are nicer kits out there...I'm not too into the Brabus ones. I don't like the foglamps they have underneath (dual bulb). MB AMG kit was nice but I wasn't sure if it was significantly a rip off being that it's OEM.

ALso, I don't think the shifter buttons come with a 6spd manual tranny...

Btw I'm in Toronto so I have to convert that $$ amount into CAN. ;) I think the dealership said the package was actually around $8,950 CAN over here...a little more than your $4k USD over there!~ [B)]
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I never considered that? How come though? Someone mentioned that due to warranty issues in US it's cheaper to buy an MB in Canada now. I don't remember who posted, but I'm I think someone mentioned that.
Oh yeah one other thing if anybody knows about this...

I heard some places in Asia like HK or China, there's a factory option to get SLR doors on the SLK. Does anybody know anything about that? Can that be done in Canada/US? $$?

Do ya know of better ones, that aren't exactly cheap and stupid-lookin? I think there are a few companies that'll do that.

I'm not sayin I wanna do that, but just for general knowledge and future reference, if anything. Thanks for the input!~
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