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SLK R171 Body Kits

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Hi I'm new to Benzworld so I'm not exactly sure how to work all the mechanics of these threads...anways (I'll figure it out pretty soon).

I'm currently drivin' an '02 C230 Kompressor SC and I'm lookin' to get an '05/'06 SLK 350. Are there any body kits out there worth it to be considered as optional to the Factory MB AMG package? Or is the AMG kit worth its bucks?

Also, any input on:
SLK 350 w/ AMG kit VS. SLK 55 AMG??



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There is no factory option for gull-wing door. They are all after-market mod. Simplest and cheapest mod is replacing factory door hinge to double ankel hinge. To open door you need to open like normal door little bit and lift it up.[xx(] Opening motion looks really stupit. [:D] It will ruin your car.
As SLK's door shape was not designed for gull-wing door like Lambo, straight lifting-up motion is not possible. Also as SLK's door does not have window frame, SLR style gull-wing door is impossible. That's the reason, door should be opened like normal door first time and then lifted after door cleared to the body of the car. High quality mod may have very smooth opening operation, but this kind of door opening motion cannot be avoided. [8)]
Yes, after doors are fully opened and in stationery position, it looks cool. [8D]
But, opening motion is not cool,IMO.... [:D]
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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