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SLK R171 Body Kits

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Hi I'm new to Benzworld so I'm not exactly sure how to work all the mechanics of these threads...anways (I'll figure it out pretty soon).

I'm currently drivin' an '02 C230 Kompressor SC and I'm lookin' to get an '05/'06 SLK 350. Are there any body kits out there worth it to be considered as optional to the Factory MB AMG package? Or is the AMG kit worth its bucks?

Also, any input on:
SLK 350 w/ AMG kit VS. SLK 55 AMG??



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The AMG body kit is most likely higher grade material, but companies such as Brabus and Lorinser already propose body kits for the new SLK. Their stuff is pretty good as far as the material they use (i.e. it's not just cheap fiberglass).

It depends on which one you consider to be the best looking setup.

The 55 of course has an even more 'evil' looking kit, and power wise, it is also more impressive. But you'll be paying quite a bit more for it...
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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