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SLK delivery in Australia moved back? [:(]

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I live in Canberra, Australia.

I have on order an SLK 350. Meant to be made in Feb and delivered in April.

Went to my dealer this morning to ask how it was all going and he said that the Production date has been moved back from Feb to March.

So, delivery date is not MAY not APRIL.

Apparently this is Australia Wide. Can anyone please confirm this or does any know why this has occured.

Kostas (very sad man)[V]
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Hi Agent 1,

I agree the Designo Black/Red does look good in pictures, just wish i could see it in a car.

Maybe if there is anyone out there who has it you could give me some opinions.

Love Black, This will be my 4th Black car, Looks great when it is clean, but.....[:)]

Agent 1 - 1/24/2005 6:46 PM

Hi Alex,

Great to hear you would like to join the Club. If you can make it, our next meeting is Wednesday 2nd of February at 8-00 p.m., at the Canada Bay Club (was Western Suburbs Soccer Club) 4 William Street, Five Dock.

You can join on the night, or anytime on our website

Let me know if your coming on the night and I will have the New Member Manager ( Harry Gage ) look after you very well while I'm running the meeting.

twodogs (Julian) from Wollongong has joined and we are going to meet up with him on a Breakfast Run to Wollongong on the 6th of March.

Look forward to meeting you and seeing the car.

Agent 1. [8D] (Ross)
Hi Ross,

Thanks for invite to meeting/club. Unfortunately will not be free on Wed 3/2. Perhaps the next.

Will keep in mind the Gong run 6/3 & will inform if I am able to make it.

RE: SLK delivery in Australia moved back?

has anyone one elses SLK's been moved back one month for delivery in Oz?[V]
i ordered my 350 at the end of august04 and it was supposed to delivered by end of jan. i got a call to say it was delayed by a month. The dealer did not give a reason why it is delayed simply said "we were not given a reason"
It is now arriving here on the 15th of feb and i will take delivery soon after hopefully.
Having driven the Black SLK55 today, I can say the Red and Black inerior is very nice. The pictures do not do it justice, and the leather is substantially better than the stuff in the SLK350. The outer part of the seat is black (almost a suede), and the inside panel is red (more traditional leather)
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