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SLK delivery in Australia moved back? [:(]

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I live in Canberra, Australia.

I have on order an SLK 350. Meant to be made in Feb and delivered in April.

Went to my dealer this morning to ask how it was all going and he said that the Production date has been moved back from Feb to March.

So, delivery date is not MAY not APRIL.

Apparently this is Australia Wide. Can anyone please confirm this or does any know why this has occured.

Kostas (very sad man)[V]
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Hi Everyone,

Glad I stumbled across this website yesterday, very informative.

Last week I ordered a SLK55 and was told I had jumped into an August slot. Previously had been told October.

Will wait and see....[:)]


I have oredered Black on Black. I am thinking about the Designo interiors.
I currently have a '99 SLK 230K Black on Black.

I have ordered it at Grand Motors on the Gold Coast, I plan to move up there later this year.[:I]
I am out at Penrith so i spoke with Marshalls also.

Only been a week, I am eagerly awaiting the delivery especially after finding this newsgroup, and seeing all the great pics. I am yet to drive one(any model).

Hi Agent 1,

I agree the Designo Black/Red does look good in pictures, just wish i could see it in a car.

Maybe if there is anyone out there who has it you could give me some opinions.

Love Black, This will be my 4th Black car, Looks great when it is clean, but.....[:)]

1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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