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SLK delivery in Australia moved back? [:(]

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I live in Canberra, Australia.

I have on order an SLK 350. Meant to be made in Feb and delivered in April.

Went to my dealer this morning to ask how it was all going and he said that the Production date has been moved back from Feb to March.

So, delivery date is not MAY not APRIL.

Apparently this is Australia Wide. Can anyone please confirm this or does any know why this has occured.

Kostas (very sad man)[V]
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ooh, that would be good idea.

But when I odered my car, i was told that there are a certain number that they get on monthly basis and there was about 6 more spots free in the FEB build. So many people would have to jump to push my order down the cue.

I dont know.. honestly, they're all full of it [:(!]
April is not too far away, but May / June is.

Especially when im planning a 2 month holiday around then and wanted to sell my current car before I went away.

All very sad [V]
so.. am i the only one in OZ that was told April, then was told May? :(
RE: SLK delivery in Australia moved back?

has anyone one elses SLK's been moved back one month for delivery in Oz?[V]
1 - 5 of 25 Posts
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